US Cellular Said No to iPhone 4S and Giant Buckets of Money

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Carriers have been falling all over themselves to get the iPhone on their network. T-Mobile is still bummed to be left out of the iPhone money train. Which makes the revelation that US Cellular passed on iPhone 4S all the more, uh, WTF.


US Cellular CEO Mary Dillon shared during a recent earnings call that Apple's "terms were unacceptable from a risk and profitability standpoint." Apple's demands of iPhone carriers probably are a bit difficult to swallow. But there's a reason for this: the iPhone is a proven money-printing machine. If regional carrier C Spire can handle it, it seems like US Cellular should be able to as well.

Dillon did say that the company remains open to carrying the iPhone in the future, so US Cellular should keep the faith. Or just jump ship to a carrier that suits their hardware needs. You know, from a risk and profitability standpoint. [Fierce Wireless via 9to5 Mac]



Yes, because when you have zero info on their financial situation, it's really easy to play monday morning QB, right?

If someone as large as T-Mo doesn't get it, then it seems unreasonable to give US Cellular a hard time, especially when you have no idea what their current situation is.

For instance, they're rolling out LTE to 25% of their coverage area by the end of 2011, which will be launched in 1Q12. Maybe they're a bit short on capital to make that payment to Apple right now as a result. There are always things you don't know about.