USB Cigarettes

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We've seen electronic cigarettes before, but not one that charges via USB.

It's no surprise that this handy device shows up on Thanko's website, since they're guys who usually satisfy our cravings for wonky USB gadgets. The USB version of the electronic cigarette provides inhaled doses of vaporized nicotine, so smokers can puff away without all the harmful effects to second hand smokers. The kit comes with 11 filter butts and an atomizer. You can pick yours up for about $33. But beware, you might still look pretty goofy standing in public sucking on a plastic cigarette. [Thanko via Newslaunches]

Illustration for article titled USB Cigarettes

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Hey, I'm all for anything that can help smokers and non smokers play nice. This is a great idea. Not sure if smokers would get the same taste from this that they would from a regular cig (I'm not a smoker), but maybe this could just be for those situations when a person is smoking in places other than their own homes. With all the places its now illegal to smoke, this looks like a nice solution. I wonder if they should also produce one that looks less like a cigarette because you may still get some angry stares lighting this puppy up in your local restaurant.