Illustration for article titled Use Our 150-Inch TV Photos to Make Me Look Like a Real Cool Dude

For this week's Photoshop Contest, I want you to use our photos of me playing with the 150-inch TV as a source (as found in Mahoney's awesome FAQ, my essay on the TV and these photos of me playing games on it). Then I want you to make me look awesome. This was a suggestion from reader WB (that's his work you see above), and it's good, but I want to make sure you understand me here: don't make me look like a jackass. Put me in cool places, like on the moon or in the Playboy mansion. Don't embarrass me guys. Guys? Please? Dammit, Chen, I can't believe you're making me do this. If you must, submit your entries to with the subject line of "Adam is Awesome!" and no other subject line than that! Make your photos JPGs or PNGs or, if you must, GIFs. Send them in by Tuesday morning and I'll make a gallery of the best ones. And remember that I'm a human being with feelings, you jerks!


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