For this week's Photoshop Contest, I want you to create some really honest gadget ads. You know, ads that say things companies would never actually advertise about their products, but actually give you more correct info than a real ad. Alternatively, you can make the ads brutally honest about the consumer it's aimed at. Be creative! It's fun and easy, as you can see by the Unicorn-themed PS3 ad I made above.

Simply email your best entries to with Honest Ads in the subject line. Make sure you only send me files that are either JPGs or PNGs or GIFs I guess if you really must. I'm not dealing with any more files with extensions like .psd, .bmp, .pdf, .tif or, worst of all, files with no extensions at all. Put your name in the filename, such as FirstnameLastname.jpg, or however you want your name to appear in the gallery. Get me your entries before next Tuesday, when I'll go through them all, picking the top three winners and creating the Gallery of Champions. OK, get to it!