Let's say you like drinking beverages out of bottles, and you also like being able to see when it's dark. These awesome vintage beer bottle and gas pipe lamps are probably the best—and maybe only—marriage of those two "hobbies."

Each of these lamps by Peared Creation includes a real, pre-Prohibition era beer bottle as its light bulb. If that wasn't cool enough, the on/off switch is replaced by a valve, giving you the feeling that you're not so much turning on a light bulb as you are opening the floodgates and filling your bottle with some glowing firewater.


The lamps are available in a variety of frame and bottle styles, and there's the option of several desk-lamp or floor-lamp models. Prices vary, but they bounce around the $120 mark. A little pricey for light beer, but worth it, don't you think? [Etsy via Cool Material]