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Uturn Tells You When It's Time to See a Man About a Horse

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Basically a graduating student does this project, right? Only she's really gotta go to the can so she gets her inspiration from it. She makes this device that looks really weird that sits on your stomach. It uses ultrasound and bluetooth to find out when your bladder is full then it lets you know it's time to go piss. Then someone from the Business School comes across it during one of those cross-pollenation programs always happening at universities nowadays. He decides there is money to be made by marketing this as a medical device. But at the same time doesn't want it to lose the grad student appeal that made it so great to begin with, and takes a picture of it with this model who probably pees quite normally. And that, in an imaginary way, is how you get this piece of equipment for people suffering from incontinence.