UV Wristband Helps Prevent Sunbathers From Burning

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A Swedish company called Intellego Technologies is set to commercialize a special wristband, much like the kind wrapped around your wrist at concerts and music festivals, that can alert its wearer when it's time to get out of the sun so as to avoid burning or potentially carcinogenic sun damage.


The wristband works through an acid-release agent that picks up UV light, and a dye that responds to pH levels in the indicator, starting out yellow and turning pink as exposure time goes on. Because different complexions can tolerate sun exposure more or less than one another, the wristbands will be offered in several different options of responsiveness.

Commercialization and mass production are currently in the works for the disposable UV dosimeter technology bands, which are projected to be available sometime next year. (Hopefully in time for summer!) [DailyMail]


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Actually, Alexander the Great used a similar concept- but instead of using it as a tanning aid, he used it to help his generals tell the passage of time more precisely.

You see, in addition to being a great leader, he was also interested in the sciences, including chemistry (or alchemy, as they called it.) He found that certain substances, when mixed together, would create photosensitive dyes that would fade in sunlight in a very regular time frame. He found that if he dipped pieces of cloth into these chemical dyes, that the cloth would also start changing colors in sunlight, again at regular intervals. He had the idea of assigning these color changing strips of cloth to his generals so that military attacks could be better coordinated. In fact, his generals used to so loved this invention, they forever sung songs about... Alexander's rag time-band.

Thank you, I'll be here all week.