Uwe Boll makes Blubberella — "the first female fat superhero"

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In a desperate attempt to stay relevant, director Uwe Boll is making a ridiculously offensive fatsploitation movie called Blubberella. "She will kick major ass - with her major ass." Dear Hollywood, please stop giving this man money. Love, the universe.

Twitch film stumbled upon this poster while rooting through The Film Catalog.

Very little information is out there, and the poster is pretty low quality, but we think the tag line sums up everything we need to know about this project:

"The first female fat superhero ... She will kick major ass - with her major ass ... All the BLOODRAYNE fans will love that movie!"


The three Bloodrayne fans have to be pretty excited about their movie poster shout-out.

Boll is doing what he does best — pathetically poking the masses hoping to generate an angry, free PR machine. But the honest-to-goodness truth is that this film will most likely be so wretched (both in theory and in execution) that hopefully it will just die out on its own, in development hell. Until then, we're bracing ourselves for a barrage of classless jokes about weight from the house of Boll. What do you all think? Does Blubberella make you angry, or just sad once you find out who's attached to direct?