Valleywag Gadget Curmudgeon Bludgeon: Apple iTV vs Piece of Sh1t Cable

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Valleywag's Nick Douglas has no love for stupid gadgets. Hell, he doesn't even have love for the shit that gets Giz editors woody. While we were drooling, clapping, and giving up our souls (again) to Apple on tuesday, Nicky turned his low tech eye to finding a gadget better than Apple's $300 iTV: A lowly, $15 video cable he chanced upon via Amazon.

He breaks out a chart ("Oh no he didn't!" "Oh Yes He Did!") comparing the two on price, availability, platform support, WiFi, DRM, Price-per-movie, and porn.


Nick, we forgive you for posting a Sony camcorder cable in the comparison. Your theory, and point are still valid: Per dollar, video streaming is still hottest without IP addresses, wireless, and hard drives. It's called Netflix, DVD player, and some S-video cables, bitches.

Click to Valleywag to see Apple 0wned by tech-retards.

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