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This is pretty old, but they have a new catalog available and I think everyone out there is open to vaporizing a few herbs. I'm thinking a little oregano, maybe some thinly sliced garlic, a bit of basil. It's like a pizza party in your nasal passages.


The Vapir website is a little harsh on the old buzz, though, because it starts talking to you and you're like "Whoa" and then you hear that it's the website and you're like "Oh." [Thanks, Guy Who Sent This To Me.]

Product Page [Air-2]

UPDATE - An IMterview with CuteNJGuy (Are there any? I guess there's one.)

The Vapir Vaporizer that you are showcasing on the main page does not work.
1) It takes forever to heat up to the desired temperature
2) Once reached, you can vaporize once and then it needs to reheat

what did you, er, vaporize?


did you pay for it?
or just try it?

paid for it and then i resold it on ebay
this one is much better
works like a dream...
ive had it for 3 months now and its incredible


Reader Alex concurs.

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