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Puffit Vaporizer Review: Vaporized Discretion at the Cost of Good Taste

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Nothing ruins a night out like getting caught smoking a blunt by event security. Sure you could just get stoned before you get to the club, like an adult, or you can just bring the inhaler-shaped Puffit in your pocket. No one will be the wiser. But man, at what a cost.


What Is It?

It's a decent portable vaporizer that in the skin of an asthma inhaler.

Who's It For?

Stoners looking for a super-discreet means of toking in front of the general public while garnering as much attention as possible from other stoners.



Outwardly, it looks like a bulky inhaler. Finely ground material is inserted in the top (the plastic-clad aluminum end cap (designed to look like the butt-end of the inhaler canister) unscrews a quarter turn to reveal the heating chamber. Below the heating chamber is the heater element which is controlled by an 8-step (120°C - 430°F) rotary dial on the mouthpiece. The indicator LED and mini-USB charging port reside in the mouthpiece as well, though they're covered by a removable silicone sleeve.

Using It

After charging the unit (which takes about an hour from a completely dead battery), load the herb into the heating chamber and pop off the magnetic cap from the mouthpiece to start the unit. It heats up in about 30 seconds but only lasts 30-40 draws on a full charge. Plus the vapor quality is only passable at best. You get a couple of wispy hits per packing followed by what can only be described as a bunch of hot air.


The Best Part

There isn't a security guard on Earth that's going to look twice at this thing, much less tell you that you can't bring it into the concert.


Tragic Flaw

The Puffit's vapor pathway is constructed from medical-grade silicone and you can taste it. Seriously, every hit comes out tasting like hot plastic. It's kind of gross and really eliminates one of my favorite aspects of toking—the taste of the sticky icky.


This Is Weird...

It's only a matter of time until some poor schmuck gets rushed to the ER, high as shit, because he took the wrong inhaler to work that day.


Test Notes

  • Charging cable uses the older, notched micro-, or rather, mini-USB variation.
  • Comes in either medical blue or black.
  • Heating chamber is gold-coated and uses multiple heat sensors for a high degree of temperature accuracy.
  • The top cap must be secured before the unit will heat.

Should I Buy It?

I wouldn't buy one for myself, the taste issue is a total deal breaker, but if any of my stoner buddies was in need of a birthday/Christmahanahkwanzakha gift, they could expect one of these in their non-denominational stocking. For $160, it's on the low end of the vaporizer price scale and the quality indicates that but it does offer a high degree of temperature control, which is typically only found on more expensive models. So if you don't really care about the vaping experience itself and just want to get high on the downlow for less, give it a shot.


Vapir Puffit Specs

  • Dimensions: 3.5 inches L x 1.165 inches D
  • Weight: 2.6 oz
  • Battery type: Li-ion
  • Battery life: 40 heating cycles per 45 minute charge
  • Price: $140 at Vape World and Discreet Vape