Venice Project Hands On: This Is Going To Kill YouTube

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

The guys who brought you KaZaA and Skype are at it again, and their upcoming Venice Project Peer to Peer streaming will show YouTube how video is really done. Just like KaZaA was a disruptive force in music sharing, and Skype was a disruptive force for phone calls, the Venice Project will kill current online video sharing and TV streaming sites.


So how can the Venice Project demolish what is essentially the biggest video site on the internet? Two reasons: the founder's track record, and the state of the Venice Project now.

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

Janus and Niklas know peer to peer. They know exactly how to make it work to meet a singular need. And from the quality of both the video and the speed of the streaming, they've done a superb job with the Venice Project as well. It's definitely no contest when you compare this to the blurriness of YouTube and other streaming sites.

Do people care how the data is getting from the host to them? No. That's exactly why peer to peer will definitely win over a centralized, YouTube approach. By cutting down on bandwidth costs (they're mostly from the users), the Venice Project can have much higher quality video. Just like with Skype, what do people care that their call or video is going through Zimbabwe before getting to them? The only thing that's important is that the quality is there, and the content is there. All that the Venice Project needs now is content.

Inside The Venice Project [Giga Om]

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something like MTV...?!

Im in Canada and all I have to say that MUCH MUSIC will never be like MTV. Just this year, MTV came into Canadian Television. What does MTV stand for? Music Television

WHERE IS ALL THE MUSIC? They advise you to check out their website for the music, BUT ITS TELEVISION!!! How can you actually watch Laguna Beach, geez its has to be the stupidest show ever. What happened to the OC? Oh yeah, this is the "real OC" with stuff "that are real". OC was just a televison show, not stupid reality. BUT MTV has outdone themselves, THEY GO OUT AND MAKE THEIR OWN REALITY SHOW.

I swear, 90% of the shows on the MTV are REALITY SHOWS. They should really call it RTV for REALITY TELEVISION. Geez, then they go out and have "Behind the scenes" with some music artists but what the hell is the point when you have no music on the television channel. They even bought out a theatre for music artists to go on and play live, but there is still no point to that too. If you're going to showcase music artists, then play the music.

Too bad CHUM was bought out by Bell who is in control of MTV...