Venice Project is Now Joost. Huh?

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The Venice Project has been underway for a while, and its proprietors are busy figuring out an easy way to bring TV to you over the Internet. Now they've gone and changed their name to Joost, and invite you to download a beta copy of its software that attempts to provide the best of both the Internet and TV worlds. While we test this Beta we're trying to get invited to, let's have a poll!

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We'll have more about Joost as we experience it first-hand. Stay tuned.

Product Page [Joost]

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I am very interested in getting a invite for Joost. I have just started to attend school for my associates degree in Computer Sciences, and this is one of the projects that has come up in discussion.

If you have an extra it would go to good use for myself/class and Joost.

Thank You

Mike L