Where exactly are major cellphone service providers finding new subscribers nowadays? Fresh off AT&T reporting they've enrolled 2.7 million new, newly sad individuals, Verizon says today they've added 2 million fresh weepies for a total of 65.7 million.


Notably, it's the second quarter in a row they've been outpaced by AT&T for subscriber growth, suggesting the Death Star is expanding at a slightly faster rate.

On the FiOS front, Verizon added 245,000 internet subscribers for a total of 1.5 million, and has passed the million subscriber mark with FiOS TV. AT&T only expects to hit that at the end of the year for U-Verse. All of this adds up to $1.07 billion in profit this past quarter on revenues of $23.8 million, a tad up from $1.03 billion last year. So, AT&T and Verizon look shiny, but I can't wait for the Sprint bloodbath! [Verizon]

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