Verizon Axes One-Year Plan, Set to Add $50 Unlimited Talk/Text Plan

The Network giveth and The Network hath taken away. Verizon has announced that it is eliminating its semi-popular one-year contract option, explaining that most customers sign two-year contracts and the options for month-to-month and prepaid accounts remain.

Separately, but perhaps not altogether unrelated, Droid Life dug up what appears to be promotional material for a new month-to-month $50 unlimited talk and text plan, referred to as "Unleashed Pricing." The plan also includes unlimited mobile web for feature phone users, with smartphones requiring an actual data plan.

The one-year option will certainly be missed by those looking for a short-term commitment to their carrier, but an affordable option to get completely off contract is a pretty nice alternative.

[Mobile Crunch, Droid Life]

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Bean Burrito

You're right. Consumers are stupid because they never take the one year plan and instead take the two year. The only difference is that the one year plan SAVES you over $200 and frees you from a committed binding contract in half the time.