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Verizon CEO Admits They Want iPhone, Won't Happen 'Til iPhone 4G

Illustration for article titled Verizon CEO Admits They Want iPhone, Wont Happen Til iPhone 4G

Hey guys, want a Verizon iPhone? Well, leave it to Verizon Communications CEO Ivan Seidenberg to completely crush all of your hopes and dreams for the next few years.


He does basically admit to the WSJ that he wants the iPhone on Verizon (just like his customers!), saying that, once Verizon goes to its 4G LTE network, Apple would be willing to work with them.


See, he says Apple never seriously considered making a CDMA iPhone. Meaning you should flush all of your hopes for a CDMA iPhone forever. LTE, though, is not forever away—just a few more years until the iPhone 4G. [WSJ via AppleInsider]

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I am still hoping that Verizon will get a version of the Palm Pre. It is already CDMA, so I am sure a little tweaking here and there could get it working on their network.

Otherwise, I am leaving Verizon (despite the fact that they have the best coverage where I live). The Blackberry Storm is not my cup of tea, and to be honest, I am not a big iPhone fan either (I like a physical keyboard).

Come'on, Verizon. Please release something worthwhile.