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Verizon Introduces New Logo But Can't Be Bothered to Update Its Own Site With It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

“Hey, us, too!” noted Verizon today, with an announcement that their logo would be changing. Someday, at least. Probably tomorrow? Because right there on their website, alongside the bold statement that Verizon’s look must evolve to keep up with its customers, is the old logo.

The new logo is not particularly interesting—it’s part New York City subway, part nuGap, part check this box to accept terms & conditions. But who cares? It sounds like Verizon doesn’t really either. Either they tried to get it up really fast to bask in Google’s afterglow, or maybe they’re just trying it out because they’re worried that it won’t stick (you know, like that Gap one). But one thing is obvious: They don’t seem to understand the irony that a company specializing in communications and digital media has not taken the time to update its own website before announcing a major rebranding.


I get it, though. Websites can take at least a few hours to change. Maybe they’re still working on it. In the meantime, they’ve surely updated their social media, right?


What about Facebook, which would have taken literally two seconds?

No need to even tell those 24,800 Instagram followers.


So yes, Verizon’s look is evolving along with its customers, but check back tomorrow to see if it actually does.