Verizon Partnering With Boingo to Give Free Wi-Fi to FiOS and DSL Customers

According to the ever-popular "sources familiar with the matter," Verizon is planning to partner up with Wi-Fi hotspot provider Boingo. Now, how's about you make with the WiFi-enabled phones, Verizon?

Boingo is the world's largest WiFi hotspot provider with over 100,000, and even though I'd never heard of them, it turns out they've got hotspots all over the place: Starbucks, McDonald's, Barnes and Noble, and various hotels all use Boingo. The sources were specific that this offer would be extended to FiOS and DSL customers only, which notably excludes Verizon Wireless customers. Not that we're surprised, given Verizon's infuriating tendency to strip WiFi capability from its already unexciting line of phones, but we were really hoping Verizon would step up and finally give its customers what they want.


The details are still fuzzy, like whether it'll be regional or global access (and it had better be the latter), but it seems like a pretty fair bet that Verizon home customers will be seeing some free WiFi hotspot action in the near future. [WSJ via Boy Genius Report]

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