Verizon Responds to 30 Rock Nut Shot

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Anyone who watched last week's episode of 30 Rock had to have noticed when, after characters on the show praised Verizon Wireless service, Tina Fey turned abruptly to the camera and asked, "Can we have our money now?" It was...harsh to say the least...but just harsh enough to make the 30 Rock watchers at home laugh at the ad instead of becoming annoyed by its intrusion. In short, it was a little piece of genius.


Still, many of us wondered if Verizon saw the shot coming ahead of time. Here's what the company (Lou Rossi, director of media and sponsorships) has had to say about the ad:

We talk with NBC on a consistent basis about opportunities...We had engaged them to think about some ways we could help increase our presence in the marketplace, and they came back to us with the '30 Rock'-specific opportunity.

And then they added.

But that Tina Fey is a total bitch.

OK, they might not have said that last part. And it's a good thing, because we don't have the time today to suit up with armor, ride our horse to New York and defend her honor. Tomorrow, maybe. reuters via textually]


@gamehendge2000: No, there is just the one Tina Fey in this discussion, but I suspect you might not be aware that some guys find that intelligence and sense of humor enhance attractiveness. Sure, being smart and funny invites insults, such as being called a bitch, but I think it enhances hotness (and conversely, being dumb and boring detracts from it).