Verizon Wants to Stick All Your Media in Their Cloud

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Verizon is preparing to launch cloud-based media streaming for all its FiOS subscribers. The service will allow you to store your music, photos, and videos on their servers and play them back on your phone, laptop, or other mobile device.


Your media—about 70 gigabytes of it, according to Verizon—will be accessible anywhere you have a WiFi or 3G/4G connection, retrievable by any of five authorized devices. Reps assured us that content would be fully downloadable, for later enjoyment when you're stuck in the subway or any other unfortunate connectionless locale.

Browser-based streaming will also be allowed, if you'd like to access your library from a friend's house or at work—though downloading your content over the web won't be permitted for obvious reasons. While many of us are itching for (and anticipating) an iTunes-in-the-cloud service from Apple, FiOS customers won't have to wait long to access their jams from anywhere, with Verizon expecting a launch by the end of the year.


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I dunno if it's just me, but I dislike the prospect of cloud based computing and data storage. It creates too much reliance on the end user to have a data connection, and it surrenders control and privacy to third parties.

Instead of paying a one time lump sum for a piece of software to host on your machine, users will have to shell out micropayments each month for software access.