Verizon: 'We Could Offer 400Mbps, We Just Don't Feel Like It'

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Verizon decided to respond to Cablevision's new limited 101Mbps service, and, well, it's a bit contradictory.


Essentially, Verizon argues that Cablevision is trying to pump all this bandwidth through their crappy cable infrastructure, and it won't hold up, with bandwidth hogs lowering everybody else's speeds. Furthermore, the true speeds will be slower once users have to deal with the speeds of the servers they're trying to access. Oh, and also, nobody wants such high speeds.


But then they start bragging about how fast their service is. But wait, I thought no one wanted fast speeds and, in any case, fast speeds were impossible to actually get thanks to slow servers? Which is it?

The fact of the matter is this: Cablevision is offering higher speeds at lower prices than you, Verizon. You can make your BS contradictory arguments all you want, but no one is going to pay you much mind. Offer up higher speeds at lower prices. That is what people will notice.

Bring on the battle of the high-speed providers, I say. [Verizon Policy Blog via Boy Genius]

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golferal - pataflaflas FTW

Whether you like Verizon or not, they're right. I had a 25/5 FIOS hookup and never got anywhere near that speed unless I was doing a speed test from a nearby data center.

I said it before and it's still true: the chain is only as strong as the weakest link.