Verizon's 4G LTE Network Is Getting Even More Huuuger Oct. 20th and Nov. 17th

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The next rounds of buildout for Verizon's LTE network are on their way, and this time 35 new cities are picking up their extra G across two activation dates. Here's the official rundown:

On Thursday, Oct. 20, Verizon Wireless' 4G LTE network will be available in Birmingham, Ala.; Modesto and Stockton, Calif.; Fort Myers, Fla.; Bloomington, Elkhart, Evansville, South Bend and Terre Haute, Ind.; Sioux City, Iowa; Hagerstown, Md.; Tupelo, Miss.; Albuquerque and Santa Fe, N.M.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Asheville, N.C.; Bartlesville, Okla.; Jackson and Martin, Tenn.; Greater Hampton Roads and Richmond, Va.; and Green Bay, Wis. Verizon Wireless is also expanding its 4G LTE network in Los Angeles and San Diego, Calif.; Washington, D.C.; and Erie, Pa. the same day.

On Thursday, Nov. 17, the company will turn on its 4G LTE network in Little Rock, Ark.; Savannah, Ga.; Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, Iowa; Lexington, Ky.; Kansas City and Springfield, Mo.; Lincoln, Neb.; Orange County, N.Y.; Greater Providence; Rapid City, S.D.; Roanoke, Va.; and Appleton, Wis. The company is also making major 4G LTE expansions on Nov. 17 in Louisville, Ky.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; and Nashville, Tenn.


The last round of upgrades already upped Verizon's LTE coverage area to over half the country, and this new wave hits a few cities that had been feeling especially neglected, like Kansas City and Buffalo. And of course, 4 LTE Gees landing on the Birmingham, Alabama doorstep of Giz editor Brian Barrett is a welcome sight, too. FaceTime after lunch, Brian! [Verizon]



The price you pay for all that speed. It's the Ferrari of networks while my T-Mo's HSPA+ is the Corvette GS of networks. Sure it's a little slower but a lot cheaper and more accessible.