Verizon's One Phone To Rule Them All!

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Verizon has come out with the one phone to rule them all! No, seriously, the "One Phone" from Verizon is designed to have all of your equipment built in so that you need not worry about having a seperate router, modem, phone and hobbit who travels to the land of Mordor. There isn't any VoIP function, which would have been a very nice touch, but it doesn't fall short in the features department. In one box you get a high speed DSL modem, a wireless 802.11g router, and a 5.8GHz cordless telephone with a touchscreen display for accessing news, weather, sports, Verizon's Superpages and the Evil Eye of Sauron. You can even add your own personal photos as a screen saver or background. You'll have to shell out $150.00 for the One Phone, but something tells me if you keep mentioning Vonage and Comcast while you order, they'll cut you a break. Full Specs after the jump (and no more Lord of the Rings jokes, I promise).


Verizon One Phone [Mobile Whack via GearLive]

Features are as follows:

Cordless Telephone

Symmetrical 5.8 GHz DSS Cordless Telephone with 75 Hopping Channels for enhanced operation under interference
Full Duplex, Hands-free Speaker/Microphone
Control Buttons such as Speed Dial, Redial, Flash, Hold, Mute, Intercom and Volume Control
Message Waiting/Ringing LED indicator
Internally filtered Convenience/Fax Jack - enabling the connection of other telephony equipment directly to Verizon One
Intercom Page to either the base unit or handset
Integrated Handset Cradle with Battery Charger
Ear Plug Adapter on handset for Headset Connection (optional headset not included)
Cordless Handset Belt Clip for hands-free operation when using a headset (optional headset not included)
Caller ID and Call Waiting with Caller ID*
Wall Mountable Base Unit
Home Networking Gateway (Combination DSL Modem, Wired and Wireless Router)

Wired Router: 4-port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
Wireless Router: 802.11 b/g/g+ with WEP, WPA, 1.0-PSK Security Features
Support of up to 253 Users
LED Indicator Display for operational status of networking functions
Integrated Packet Filtering Firewall
Color Touch-Screen Display

Illuminated, Color LCD Touch-screen Display allowing access to Verizon One's Advanced Software Features
Plastic Stylus - detachable pen-like tool for selecting items on the touch-screen
Verizon One Advanced Software Features

Call Management
Online Directory Assistance
Weather, News and Sports Headlines, Movie Listings, Sports Scores, Horoscopes and Restaurants
Address Book and Calendar
Memo Pad
Customizable Settings for Screen Savers, Backgrounds and Ring Tones

Verizon One is the simplicity of a telephone combined with the richness of the Internet. Loaded with a 5.8 GHz cordless telephone, high-speed DSL modem and 802.11g wireless router, Verizon One is your all-in-one information touch-point.


Check news headlines, sports scores, stock quotes and daily horoscopes
Find local weather, restaurants, movie listings and show times
Leave colorful notes for household members with the freestyle memo pad
Access and manage your household address book and calendar
Locate listings and call direct from Verizon SuperPages (maps/directions)
Personalize background images and screen savers with your personal photos
And the list goes on ...