VH1's 'Best Week Ever' Parodies Apple 'Get a Mac' Ads

Of course, no matter how hard they try, they'll never be as cool as John Hodge-man. (Which is why the original Apple ads ultimately fail: Hodge-man is more desirable than the Mac twerp. John's a hug from a tweed library.)



I always find the concept of Windows boxen being more susceptible to spyware an interesting one. If your average Windows user would just stop using Internet Explorer and Outlook Express then their infection rate would decrease exponentially. Equally, if they would stop installing "Super Naked Poker Express!" on their machines they would probably observe the very same effect.

Personally, I hate the latest round of Mac ads. I despise how Apple has decided to attack the x86 architecture in the way that it has, since point for point every piece of Apple's latest marketing can be turned against it just as well as it is turned against PCs.

What Apple should have done was tout it's own uniqueness, the design aesthetics, ease of setup or the plethora of great applications for productivity level work. Apple could have targeted Microsoft's latest Genuine Advantage program, or corporate tactics. Instead they chose to attack PCs on the same points which OS X sucks at as well.