VIA EPIA-T700 Is Smallest Computer-On-Module Money Can Buy

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Measuring 6cm x 6cm, VIA's EPIA-T700 is the first chip launched in the new Mobile-ITX series which is actually the smallest computer-on-module available, even 50 per cent smaller than VIA's small-sounding Pico-ITX. That sounds, err, small.

VP of VIA Embedded Platform Division, Daniel Wu, claims:

"The VIA EPIA-T700 takes advantage of the modular design principles inherent in our Mobile-ITX form factor specification, making it easier than ever before to create astonishingly compact x86 devices that don't compromise on features"


The EPIA-T700 will primarily be used in medical, miltary and in-vehicle devices. Carrier boards are joined up with 3mm connectors, and is powwered by a 1GHz VIA Eden ULV processor and VIA VX820 MSP. There's 512MB of DDR2 RAM, a Chrome9 DX9 graphics core, Chromotion video engine that supports MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV9 and VC1video format. It also supports eight HD audio channels with the VIA Vinyl HD Audio technology. It can be connected to TTL LCD and CRT monitors thanks to the multi-configuration transmitter, and also compatible with PCI Express and Ultra DMA.