Viacom, Disney, Microsoft and Others Form Justice League of Copyright

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A smorgasborg of media companies—Viacom, Disney, News Corp., NBC Universal, CBS, and others, including Microsoft—have formed a coalition laying out guidelines for protecting copyrights online. Their "principles" include using technology to wipe out copyright no-no content generated by users, as well as shutting it out before it hits the public intertubes. You'll notice GooTube isn't part of the list—they're not of the pre-emptive blockage philosophy, as of yet. However, some analysts think Google will have to play ball if their guidelines do become an actual standard.

"Once an industry initiative is formed, Google will be forced to accept the common model rather than use its own solution as a competitive differentiator," Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey said. "The pressure on Google to go along with this cooperative initiative will be intense, as the fate of existing lawsuits will likely hinge on Google's acceptance of the common solution."


If anyone can resist pressure, however, it's probably Google. The question is, "How badly do they wanna join the club?" [NewTeeVee, Reuters, UGC Principles]

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The ultimate key to the success of this model would be if the entities in question were actually producing content worth protecting. Otherwise, most people will probably start thinking "This is pants, I could do better than this and share it with everybody."

And then they will. Wait...that's already happening.