Vibrating Home Theater Seats Are Another Reason To Skip the Cinema

To combat piracy, giant screen TVs, surround sound setups, and a wealth of streaming movies available at home, movie theaters have been pulling out all the stops to entice people back to the cinema. 3D failed miserably, but vibrating seats have gained some traction. Unfortunately for theaters, Tremor FX has now created a home version of their force feedback seats, giving people yet another reason to skip going out.


Home theater enthusiasts will need to clear enough room for the enhanced seats, which are available as single or double units. But installation sounds pretty painless after that. You just connect a small box to your home theater's receiver via an HDMI cable, and it wirelessly sends triggers to the seat's actuators which create a vibration sensation that matches the intensity of the film's sound effects.

The effect isn't like the motion-controlled rides you'll find at an amusement park, it's more like an enhanced version of a game controller's force feedback vibrations. But it can subtly help you feel more involved in an exciting action scene, or truly scare the crap out of you during a horror movie's shocking reveal. The important thing is you're finally able to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home without sticky floors or noisy theatergoers. [Tremor FX]


3D failed miserably...

Awwww, am I the only one left who likes 3D?