Everybody's favorite hipster magazine, Vice, has launched an online TV network that aims to take the young, fashionable, and urban demographic away from the living room and on to the internet. Well, even more onto the internet.

The new network features surprisingly high quality video streams, seeing we assumed the dudes putting it together would be too busy getting high and talking trash about the new Rapture album to actually build a decent video player. But yes, it's much better than YouTube quality. And what do you get to enjoy on said quality?


Only highbrow entertainment like David Cross making fun of some guy's tattoos, a documentary on a cute female taxidermist, and a series of documentary shorts by Jackass videographer and Spike Jonez/Michel Gondry documentarian Lance Bangs. So, basically, these guys know their audience. Will it make a dent on TV viewerships in Portland, OR and Brooklyn? I doubt it, but at least it'll give people another way to procrastinate and not do their work. Kudos, Vice.

VBS.TV [Vice]