Video Could be Glimpse of Future Sony Ericsson Xperia Cellphones

We've been following the off-again, on-again news about Sony Ericsson's upcoming Xperia X1 smartphone for a while: Blam even managed to get his mits on one. But now there's this video doing the intertube rounds that may be showing the next phones that'll carry the Xperia brand. Look past the CGI and notice that the guy and the girl are holding slightly different models: hers has a front-facing camera, his has three extra buttons on the front. And also notice that "may be": these might not be Xperia phones at all, though Sony has mentioned a future Xperia range. There's not more much we can tell, apart from the fact that the phones look like pretty advanced bits of touchscreen kit. Watch this space. [ via TBGR]

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10 seconds of phone... 70 seconds of marketing BS and one Digweed knockoff song in the background.