Video of the Enterprise's First Manned Glide Flight

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Isn't she a beauty, Captain? Update: Watch the video just released by Virgin Galactic.

Today, the VSS Enterprise—which will be the world's first commercial suborbital spaceship and the first aircraft in Virgin Galactic's fleet—has completed its first manned glide flight, touching down at the Mojave Air and Space Port, in California.


Spaceshiptwo—Enterprise—dropped from the WhiteKnightTwo mothership—Eve—at 45,000 feet, piloted by Pete Siebold and Mike Alsbury. Siebold described the aircraft as "a joy to flight."


Everything went perfectly. The Enterprise didn't have any problem after a clean release from Eve, and all systems worked as expected.


You are watching history in the making, ladies and gentlemen. One day, the children of your children will look at these images in their history books, just before going out to play on the Northern Plains of Mars. [Virgin Galactic]