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Video of Tom Cruise Jumping Off the World's Tallest Skyscraper

What's better than a photo of Tom Cruise jumping off the Burj Khalifa during the filming of Mission Impossible 4 in Dubai? A 35-frame stop-motion video of the whole event, obviously.


And for those who didn't see the first article, yes, that's Tom Cruise and his 542 white teeth in action.

Illustration for article titled Video of Tom Cruise Jumping Off the Worlds Tallest Skyscraper

Nuts. [Thanks Gerald!]

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Tom Cruise is an example of why movie stars should not let the public into their lives.

The illusion they create is often shattered by their real-life beliefs and behaviors... and no one benefits from that.

We love the MI films, but we can't now because of the image of him jumping on Oprah's couch and his Scientology ramblings.

However... we can still enjoy an occasional screening of Risky Business because sometimes you just gotta say "WTF!"