Video of Worms Is Must-See TV for Frogs

Is this basically the frog equivalent of the Food Network or Animal Planet? Or is it just the novelty of the glowing, flickering images that attracts the frogs.


There's also always the possibility to that the convergence of frogs happens to coincide with the video. It's like everyone you know arriving at the bar at the same time: It could be the awful song they're playing or just coincidence.

[via Tastefully Offensive]


Me, I'm Counting

Well, frogs have that super primitive, but all-powerfull low-level hunting programming, constantly scanning their surroundings for wiggling, flying or crawling stuff to jump on. In fact, they literally do not perceive those parts of the world that aren't edible, humpable or swimmable. They literally cant't help themselves, one could just as well shove electrodes into their brains and trigger them to do exactly the same.