Video Walkthrough of the Latest Android Cupcake Build Shows a Few New Features

An Android Developer is planning on compiling a fresh snapshot of "Cupcake," the Android open-source development branch, for a video walkthrough every Sunday. He just posted his first run-through, and new since we last checked in are desktop folders and a couple other tweaks.

The home screen folders are kind of cool, although at this early stage all they offer is a folder view of your contacts (all or starred). On display is also, of course, the soft keyboard, as well as a few UI brushups. A few other features touted as new here aren't actually new to Cupcake, and on the whole, not a lot has changed since we took the Cupcake dev branch for a spin via the Android SDK emulator a few months ago. [Phandroid]




Why are people so determined that this phone needs to be the exact same thing as the iPhone .......and even worse why is anything remotely similar to a PC a bad thing..... guess what linux has home screen folders to....and guess what? this is a linux phone....... so I think it knows what its trying to be ..... and who likes what the iPhone is trying to be. A closed source phone that determines whether or not an app is dignified enough to make it to the precious apple store.