VK Mobile 650c from Helio

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Here's another EV-DO phone being shipped by VK Mobile for the US. The VK Mobile 650c is good-looking—white with a spin top—based on the 600c that can be found in Korea. You can also hold the QVGA display vertically or horizontally to watch video and if you're really keen, there's a video out so you can watch video on your TV. Throw in a 2 megapixel camera, stereo speakers and a Transflash slot and you're good to go. On other fronts, it looks like the FCC has also approved the SK Teletech SKY 8300 slider EV-DO phone that shares a lot of this phones features, but adds buttons for gaming. No word on whether we'll see that here.

Helio's First Phone Announced [Phonescoop]


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