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Vladimir Putin Casually Discovers a Pair of 6th Century Artifacts While Scuba Diving

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In his ongoing quest to prove what an adventurous savage he is, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin went diving in the Black Sea. Lo and behold, after diving down a couple of meters, he happened upon two sixth century urns. Convenient.

The AFP says Putin was diving for only the third time off the coast of an Ancient Greek locale and discovered the urns while in full view of the media.

Television footage showed two moss-covered vases with ear-like handles sitting neatly next to each other on top of the sandy bottom as Putin swam into view.

"Treasure!" a dripping wet Putin told reporters with a big grin. "They drank it all already," he added when asked if there was anything left in the jars.


Upon discovery, Putin started spouting off facts about Ancient Greek pottery and how broken jars were thrown from ships, hence their resting place at the bottom of the sea. Maybe he knew what he was looking for, or is it possible that this was a total publicity stunt?

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NO! NEVER! That wouldn't happen in a million years. [AFP and Reuters]