VOCALOID 2: The Japanese Anime Song Generator

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Think Garageband for otakus. This Japanese software suite lets you plug in lyrics and melody and generates an "authentic-sounding" song via its music and vocal synthesizers. As you can see above, the software features a 16-year- old "Virtual Singer," which croons out whatever disgustingly sweet (or just disgusting) lyrics you enter in (Japanese only, we're assuming). It's so popular in Nippon that it's actually the #1 selling software on their Amazon. And for good reason—the songs they generate actually sound like it could have come from a generic teenaged anime. Hit the jump for two videos.


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I'll try again, sorry if this ends up as double. Login seems to play games with me.

The large Vocaloid text on the box leads me to believe this is based on Yamaha Vocaloid synthesizer. You can listen other samples and read info from their website.