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Vodafone Reports HTC Magic (Android G2) Delayed Until May

Illustration for article titled Vodafone Reports HTC Magic (Android G2) Delayed Until May

HTC and Vodafone sales representatives have revealed that the G2—Android-powered phone—HTC Magic's launch date has been pushed back from April to May 1st because of "last minute hardware changes."


There are no other details about the delay or even if this will effect the launch of the handset on other carriers, but we can only speculate that the delays now could ultimately lead up to many more delays later. May 1st, eh? I'll see your Pre and raise you a new iPhone. [Engadget]

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I'm so torn as to whether I want to wait for this or the next android phone or to go ahead and get a G1. My RAZR just seems crappier and crappier every day and my contract was up in Feb.