Voltron of Computers Combines Phone, Tablet, and Keyboard Into One

Illustration for article titled Voltron of Computers Combines Phone, Tablet, and Keyboard Into One

Always Innovating's Smart Book breaks the traditional netbook into pieces. A touchscreen VoIP phone, a tablet, and a keyboard. Use them apart, or combine them into a full-powered device when you have to. Buy one device, carry what you need.

As if hardware transformation on the fly weren't clever enough, the Smart Book includes a switch they say will instantly swap OSes. That's right—click bewteen Android, Chrome, Ubuntu, or their own AIOS. And underneath all this design sophistication is some decent hardware muscle—an ARM Cortex-A8 processor (speed unspecified), 512 MB of RAM, and 256 MB of built-in flash storage, along with the usual 802.11 b/g/n WiFi.


The whole scheme is a bit extravagant, and probably not a dream device for someone seeking simplicity—and the whole "dude on a couch" aesthetic doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the train out of vaporwareville. But Always Innovating is taking pre-orders for the whole system at $549, so if the novelty (and potential functionality) appeal to you, maybe take a wait and see stance here. [Always Innovating via CrunchGear]



btw i totally tipped you on this a few hours after it popped up on their website. if i had had a star, you might have gotten to it even before crunch!