Voodoo PC Brand Is Basically Dead

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We'd speculated before that Voodoo was essentially toast, but we really wondered what was up when HP appropriated the "Envy" brand and design into HP laptops. Aaaand we it seems from Rahul Sood's latest that it's basically dead.


Essentially it's been consumed and digested by the rest of HP:

Many people assumed that Voodoo had designed these notebooks, when in reality we did not. However, it's clear that our influence has reached almost all corners of the company. Go back 3 years and look at how HP's products have changed; it's pretty incredible.

So, what happened to Voodoo? Well, we've been looking way ahead into the future. Voodoo has been transitioning from "desktop & notebook" manufacturing to something beyond. Does this mean you'll never see a Voodoo or VoodooDNA desktop or notebook again? Hardly, I'm sure you will. ..but while we hash this out you will continue to see products with our fingerprints released from various areas of HP. [Emphasis ours]

That's a guess, not a confirmation, stated in the tone of a man who's very clearly moved on. Voodoo might continue to live on through HP or whatever, but color us surprised if you see another actual Voodoo PC. [Rahul Sood via Engadget]


I don't understand why hp bought Voodoo or Dell bought Alienware, they can easily design those systems in-house if they were a little bolder. I don't think the names VoodooPC nor Alienware really command any premiums these days.