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VoomPC-2: Put a PC in Your '94 Civic For Only $395

Illustration for article titled VoomPC-2: Put a PC in Your 94 Civic For Only $395

I find myself continually interested in putting a PC into my car, ever since the Mac Mini was introduced. But then you have to get into all the details of how you'll keep it powered, is the enclosure designed for car use, etc. However has made this just a little easier and affordable. For $395, you can get yourself a 1.5 ghz PC designed from the ground up to be installed in a car. It's even smart enough to keep Windows/Linux from getting scrambled when you turn the car on or off.


Here's a quick rundown of what else you get for your $395.

VGA and S-Video output, USB 2.0, FireWire, Ethernet, PCMCIA Type I and II, a CardBus interface for hooking up to GPS or Wi-Fi systems, and a 5.1 audio support.


While I am primarily a mac user, I'd definitely consider the VoomPC for my car computing needs, if it means less headaches during the installation. How have any of your own Car/PC experiments turned out? Rolls Out Low Cost Car PC [Digital Trends]
VoomPC-2 [Product Page}

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Car PC installation demands custom software. I'll still go with a Mac rather than this (for my Mazda 3) because I am a Cocoa developer, and Windows programming is just painful by comparison.