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Who knows what Sierra Wireless was thinking. Maybe their executives were all pumped up after an MBA vs. future-MBA alumni football game and they were all like "ROCK! Let's make a keyboard phone and beat Nokia!" and the tech team was all like "No. It will take too long and be horribly and awkwardly out-dated by the time we ship." And then the executives were all like "Man, I read a case study how Seagate shipped before some other company and they made a killing." And the tech team said "But that was about hard drives..." and the executives nodded gravely and then were all doing the tech team's squeaky voice at an after-work happy hour and they were all like "Oh. I'm a little girl! It's all about hard drives!" And then they made prototypes and they sucked.

Anyway, rest in peace, Voq. At least you tried.

Sierra Wireless to kill Voq smartphone [MobileTracker]