VroomBox Is Like Crotch Stuffing For Your Car

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Some of you drivers out there may be fond of certain cars. A lot of old motorheads love cars like the GTO, Camaro, and Chevelle. A lot of 17-year-olds from the suburbs on the other hand prefer the sound of Civics, Accords, and Tiburons. Whichever you like, why spend all your money on parts when you can just plunk down the $159 for the VroomBox? The VroomBox offers all kinds of sounds like engine roars, tire screeches, and intakes in the form of a little box with a ton of car models. You can even download more sounds from the web when the 2006 Civic Si comes out and you demand to have more than just the decal off eBay to prove it. Just wire up some speakers under the car and hood and you'll be golden.

The VroomBox [Red Ferret]


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