VYou Lets You Answer Questions Online, Video Style

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VYou is a service that just debuted today, and it's one that I think is quite interesting. It lets anyone make a profile and answer questions via short video clips. It's very Twitter, in a sense. Here's why.

When Twitter first launched, it was all about random people posting mundane updates about what they had to eat (burritos) and where they're eating it (the bathroom). Only your friends care about that. But when celebrities, news outlets and people with information started tweeting, then the platform became more about consumption of information than creating it. People didn't feel compelled to dump their thoughts into the medium unless they actually had something to say.

VYou seems pretty similar. Right now, people are going to wonder what the hell normal people do with it. However, once celebrities get on there and start answering questions from their fans, or when important people start using it as a medium to give their opinion on things that doesn't quite fit anywhere else (like Twitter, or their websites or whatever). There seems to be some promise in VYou for that kind of discussion.


Whether or not normal people will have enough questions that need answering—"What's the deal with that scar?"—is uncertain. But I'm sure that won't stop people from doing it anyway.

Here's my profile. Ask me some questions. [VYou]