Wacom's New Tablets Pack Multitouch and HUD Software

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If you spend a lot of time in Photoshop, chances are you use—or would benefit from—a tablet instead of a mouse. Wacom's offerings tend to be some of the best, and their new Intuos5 range seems no exception.

The new Intuos5 tablets come with multitouch gesture support and "Express View" head-up display software, alongside a rather pleasing soft-touch feel. They now support all the standard Mac and Windows multitouch gestures—hello Windows 8—simultaneously with pen use. You can create custom gestures, too, while the head-up display shows current tablet settings on your computer screen.


Check our hands-on here.

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I hope I can turn all this silliness off and just use it like I always have. Hotkeys will always be more efficient and less fatiguing than large arm movements. I use a tablet all day every day at work, and speaking sign language to my computer will get very old in a few minutes.