Wal-Mart Joins Amazon to Push Labels to Ditch DRM Once and For All

Even if the remaining major labels who have yet to ditch DRM are dragging their feet on the road of inevitability, major online retailers don't feel like waiting around for them to finally do the deed. Wal-Mart has reportedly made an ultimatum of some sort to major labels demanding that they start selling their catalogs in MP3 so the retail giant can add them to their upcoming MP3 store, which, coming from a retailer of that size, should get their attention. And as we reported on Friday, Amazon plans to give away one billion MP3s with an upcoming Pepsi/Super Bowl giveaway.


That's a lot of MP3s, and it sure would be a better giveaway if more tracks were available. And with Sony rumored to be close to making the plunge, that leaves stodgy old Warner remaining, stubbornly clinging on to a dying technology.

Good plan, Warner! I'm sure that your forward-thinking (in)actions will only make more and more sense with time and eventually everyone will see that things were better in the good old days, dismantle the internet, and all go laugh about it at the local soda fountain. Also, you will be out of business. [Ars Technica



@hughjass: I think part of the problem with subscription in a store like iTunes is that the labels may want a piece of the iPod profits, which has a snowball's chance in hell of happening, so will likely never happen.