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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Walking Dead Zombie-Ear Necklaces and Lord of the Rings murals: Comic Con Radvertising

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday we showed you the worst ad fails at Comic-Con. But now it's time to focus on the good — and luckily, there was lots of creative marketing, all over San Diego.

Here's the best of the best Radvertising from San Diego Comic Con.


LEGO Lord Of the Rings 3D Mural

This work of art took all week to put together — worth it. Created by Leon Keer.

Image via Keer's website at Street Painting 3D.


The Queen's Ride from Once Upon A Time

A few pedicabs were transformed into royal rides from Once Upon A Time, they even made the drivers wear the Queen's guard costumes.


Daryl's Necklace

Order the Walking Dead video game, get a collection of Walker ears strung together by fan favorite Daryl. Yeach.

Big Bang Theory Sends One Fan To Space, For Real

XCOR Aeronautics gave away a trip to space. Anyone (over 18) who asked a question during the Big Bang Theory panel was entered in a drawing to win. Let that be a lesson to all future panel attendees, ask questions!


Dexter Mural Made Entirely of Garbage Bags, Knives and Needles

The title says it all. Totally rad, here's a bit from the artist iri5's flickr photostream:

Recent composite I made for a Showtime "Dexter" party at Comicon... the whole image is made from knives, garbage bags, syringes, blood slides, etc... was huge! 8' by 21' Then we tore it all down after the party was over


Fringe Observer Hat

Possibly the most coveted swag on the floor was this Observer's hat from the Fox booth. We saw tons of people wearing it in the airport!


The Gandalf Hat

The second most popular Comic-Con swag, Gandalf's hat from the Guardians of Middle Earth video game.

Walking Dead Obstacle Course

Run, jump and climb from zombies. Possibly the biggest off-site hit of Comic-Con was the Walking Dead obstacle course. Why was it great? Because the creators went ALL OUT. They thought of everything. From the hijacked traffic signs to the clothed dead dummies strewn in the path of participants, everything was plotted out perfectly in this gory race to the finish.


Revolution Ferris Wheel

We loved the power button design for Revolution, and it was everywhere! On t-shirts, sides of buildings, on flyers. But NBC didn't stop there when it came to marketing its new series, they even brought in a few of the overgrown items from their set. Like this Ferris Wheel and car. Because when the humans run out of power in the post-apocalyptic future, plants will grow like mad.


Half of this image from Dread Central.


Elysium Robot Realtor

We love how low-rent this future android realtor is from Neill Blomkamp's Elysium movie. He's marketing a super rich space station in the sky, and yet he looks more like a Johnny Cab! Check out a ton more images from the Elysium booth here.


Adventure Time Scavenger Hunt

The Adventure Time scavenger hunt sent you all over San Diego, including by some of the best booths on the floor (like Mondo). The end result landed participants at the Children's Museum, which had been totally reworked and turned into an amazing Adventure Time scene. Plus everyone who collected all their stamps won a prize. It was unbearably sweet.


Image taken via Drtran's flickr page.


Aunt Marie's Trailer!

Grimm wheeled in Aunt Marie's magical plot solving trailer for anyone to check out. It was stuffed with all sorts of fairy tale killing tools, and totally awesome. Very, very fun.


Bates Motel Soap

I'm never going to get over how awesome this is.

Image via Michaela S.


Indiana Jones and the pit of LIVE SNAKES

Marketers behind the new Indiana Jones Blu-Ray celebrated by throwing their wares into a pit of snakes!


Court of Owls Masks

DC handed out Court of Owls Masks and got the whole crowd to put them on in the panel.


Image via Scott Snyder.


Falling Skies Parasite Chair

Become a host for an alien being at the Falling Skies booth.


Limbs for Zombies!

Resident Evil handed out bread in the shape of hands, legs and feet. Zombie food!


Image via