Walking Stick with Built-in Telescope: for the Victorian Perv in You

Not quite as high-tech as the CIA spy gear Wilson's been showing, but almost a steampunk modding of a normal walking stick... this cane with built-in telescope gave me a smile the moment I saw it. Mainly because I pictured a Victorian gent strolling along, then popping out the 3x mag telescope to steal a forbidden glimpse of distant ankle. Simpler days, eh? It has a one-inch wide, 37-inch high African rosewood stick, so it should be good as a real walking aid, and there's a brass handle for an extra touch of style. It's available now for $89.95... useful for countryside strolls, and, of course, for the odd bit of *ahem* bird-spotting. [HammacherSchlemmer via Red Ferret]


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