Wall-E/Watchmen Trailer Mashup is Pure Genius

Sure, Wall-E had some dark overtones to it, but not as many as this fake trailer makes it seem. I want to see a movie-length remix like this. [Videosift via The Daily What]


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WALL-E's Journal, September 2700

Found hubcap in pile of rubble this evening. Crumpled and dull like rest of brown cursed earth. Time to retire to Waste Allocation rover for sleep mode. Feed cockroach twinkie. Hello Dolly! playing on constant loop. Tape I fear is losing its fidelity. Only dance sequences left. The piles of trash heap high like a million rancid mountains excreting from the earth's crust. Must pile high. Must follow directive. Cockroach's repetitive squeaks and chirps pierce soul like an abattoir full of retarded children.