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It looks like retailers are going to have to do what Palm won't: Make the Palm Pixi genuinely cheap, or at least cheaper than the Pre. For example! Walmart's already cut the Pixi's price from $100 to $30—pre-launch.


The $30 Pixis (Pixies?) are backordered already, probably because this is far and away the best deal we've seen so far for this handset. This news does two things: It raises the possibility of a free-on-contract Pixi sometimes in the near future, and calls into question again whether or not the Pixi can ever be a truly good deal. Today, the Pre is $100 at Amazon, so a $30—or even free—Pixi might not be worth the loss of screen size, speed, Wi-Fi and camera quality. This isn't the kind of queasy, awkward decision a company that's so close to the brink needs its customers making right now anyway.


And as BusinessWeek crunches it:

Amortized over the required two-year contract, with the cheapest offering being Sprint's $70 a month unlimited data, 450 voice minute Everything Data plan, the Pixi works a out to $74.15 a month and the Pre to $76.25. Not much to choose from there in budgetary terms.

And that's at $100 and $150 prices for the Pixi and Pre, respectively—not the new bargain basement/flea market/crack den rates. So what does that leave in the Pixi's favor? Size? Style? The fact that its name actually sounds like a noun? [EverythingPre]

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