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Walmart Will Start Price-Matching Amazon at Its 5000 Stores

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You'll now be able to get Amazon's bargain prices at your local Walmart, as the company embraces price-matching with online retailers.

Reuters reports that Walmart told managers at its roughly 5000 stores that they'll officially be able to offer customers the often cheaper prices available online. In the past, stores typically only matched published prices for other brick-and-mortar establishments. No longer. Apparently, about half of stores were already matching online prices, so the new move is meant to "formalize" the practice.


Amazon's prices are basically the only one cheaper than what you'll find at a big box store like Walmart. In light of Amazon's recent push for same-day delivery, though, it's not surprising that Walmart needs to give people a little extra incentive to walk in the door. [Reuters via Consumerist]